Elementary Accelerated Teacher Certification

RISPE's Accelerated Elementary Teacher Certification Program is a 13-month program designed for aspiring teachers who already have both a Bachelor's degree and at least two years of experience working with school-age youth. This is a non-degree program that combines classroom practice with rigorous coursework and frequent instructional coaching. Candidates in this program serve as teachers of record in their own classrooms in partner districts during their time with RISPE, and work to satisfy requirements for full teacher certification through the Rhode Island Department of Education during their first year of teaching.

Support Structure

Clinical support in this program is provided by mentor teachers, instructional coaches, and clinical supervisors. Each of these clinical supports is provided to candidates at specific times in the program, with specific goals in mind. Candidates can expect to work most closely with their instructional coaches, who will provide support on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.

Schedule and Courses

Training in this program begins in June, with an intensive summer school experience. Candidates work closely with mentor teachers to gain instructional skills while simultaneously beginning their coursework. Throughout the academic year, candidates receive feedback and support from instructional coaches and clinical supervisors, and complete coursework. Candidate complete a total of 8 courses in this program: The Development and Social Worlds of Urban Children; Seminar 2: Foundations and Core Values of Progressive Education; Building a Constructivist Math Community; Next Generation Science in the Elementary Classroom; Collaboration, Differentiation, and Intervention Techniques for Children With Special Needs; The Science of Reading and Structured Literacy in Foundational Skills and Language Development; The Science of Reading and Structured Literacy in Oral Reading Fluency, Comprehension and Written Language Development; Teaching Social Studies and Growing Social Consciousness. Descriptions of each course can be found at this link.


The out-of-pocket cost to candidates in this program is $5000. The remaining per-candidate cost is defrayed by RISPE's own fundraising and partnerships with participating districts.